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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Every Affiliate Marketing Opportunity At Your Fingertips

10 Sizzling Tips For Affiliates

August 31, 2004

1. Create an infopacked mini site. Build your mini site for a specific
niche audience and then choose affiliate programs specifically for that
niche audience.

2. Test and track your ads and promotions for your affiliate programs.

Tracking and testing your ads will show you exactly which ads, promotions
and affiliate programs pay off the most for you and are excellent choices
for you to continue to promote.

3. Publish an ezine.

Your ezine will give you a powerful way to promote your affiliate
programs to your subscribers.

Choose affiliate programs that relate to the content of your ezine and
that make it worth your while to promote them.

4. Promote your affiliate programs by recommending their products.

You could recommend your affiliate programs to your ezine subscribers in
your publisher's note or you could create a recommended resources section
where you promote your affiliate programs in every issue.

You could also recommend your affiliate programs to your visitors by
creating a recommended affiliate programs section where you list your
favorite affiliate programs along with descriptions of their products or

In addition, you could create a best affiliate programs section that
helps you build up your second tier by listing the affiliate programs
that have paid off the most for you.

5. Write product reviews where you detail the benefits you like about
your affiliate program's product.

Make your product reviews honest and hype f~ree and post them on your
site along with your other articles.

6. Write your own ads for your affiliate program.

A good way to create your ads is to look at the ad copy on the site of
the business you want to promote and also ads they provide for their
affiliates to use, and use their unique selling proposition or USP to
write your ads.

Their unique selling proposition is a unique benefit that they promote in
their ad copy that their competitors don't stress or offer to their

It could be that their product saves lots of time, is easy to understand,
that their product is a complete answer to a problem, or it could involve
their price.

Some businesses develop more than one USP so you'll be able to choose the
one that you think works best in getting more targeted visitors to their

7. Try out the support of the companies you want to promote by asking

This will help you to find out how long it takes them to respond to
emails (if they respond to emails) and how professional they are.

8. Create freebies that promote your affiliate programs.

You could offer your visitors a f~ree email course, an ebook filled with
your tips or articles or an ebook that provides your visitors with places
to promote their businesses.

When creating freebies for an affiliate program that is 2 tier, increase
your profits by letting your affiliates in your second tier use your
freebies as a promotional item.

9. Create a directory.

Your directory could be an article, ezine, ebook or affiliate program

List your own resources within your directory to increase your
commissions. For example, you could add your own affiliate programs to
your affiliate programs directory or your ebooks to your ebook directory.

Add a what's new section to your directory to garner more repeat traffic
from your visitors.

You could also provide a tutorial on the subject of your directory, or
add things to your directory that your visitors can use on a regular
basis to get more repeat traffic.

10. Run ezine ads for your affiliate programs.

You could purchase sponsor, feature, classified or solo ads for your
affiliate program.

Choose ezines with subscribers targeted to be interested in the products
of the business you want to promote.

Run your ads for multiple issues in a row when possible to maximize the
profit you get from your ads.

You can also run f~ree ads in ezines as many ezines offer f~ree
advertising on a weekly, monthly or per issue basis to get more new

Running f~ree ads can help you find out which ads work best, and which
ezines are most responsive before you purchase ezine advertising.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Ways to Catapult Your Affiliate Marketing Career


Rescue your Adwords campaign now! Apply these 3 little know “life saving”

June 7, 2006

Truth to be told, I have been very frustrated with Adwords. There are
always the constant problems with sudden stoppages of ads, potential
click fraud, high costs and yet I love them so very much!

I won’t waste your time. These techniques are for slightly more advanced
users. I will go straight to specifics.

Rescue Technique #1
Always use keywords matching options. Using broad match, exact phrase
match and exact matching will result in different costs, different click
through and ultimately different results. Generally, I would recommend
setting all 3 matching all options to test and see which works best.

Rescue Technique #2

Research your keywords. Do a thorough research if your audience/customer,
competitors, product/content and keywords. Armed with this knowledge
select keywords that are most relevant to your product/content with
reasonable demand and some competition (not an overly saturated one)

Rescue Technique #3

Use Adwords’ adgroups. How do you do this? Take for example, “chicken
soup base” and “recipes for chicken broth”. These are 2 distinct phrases
yet they are referring to the same product. If you group them under the
same adgroup and dump all the keywords in, this would reduce click
through rates and drive costs up. Instead set up an ad group just for
“recipes for chicken broth” and in this group can be other words like
“recipes for mango cream broth” and the other group will have words like
“vegetable soup base” etc…

Dylan has been giving out a free report titled “Secret Google Tactics” It
explains to a good extent how you can use Adwords and Adsense to earn
some income online.

He has also come out with a piping hot book called “Clickbank Profit
Machine” It is still in pre-launch but you can still take a look at the
website. The proof from 2 users who applied his techniques, you got to
see them to believe it!



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